Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mobile Phone Pictures

These pictures were all taken with a mobile phone, the SavaJe "Device of the Show" at last year's JavaOne in San Francisco. This was my first experience trying to take real pictures with a mobile phone, and I'm actually pretty pleased with the way these have come out.

San Francisco, California
Sidewalk Grate
My mother would look at a picture like this and say "Why don't you send me some pictures of the kids?" I do, but I still like taking pictures of things, and I couldn't pass this one up. Not bad for a cell phone picture.
San Francisco, California
Metal Chairs Near Moscone Center
I'm actually pretty happy with the exposure on this picture.
San Francisco, California
Cable Car Turntable
At last year's JavaOne show in San Francisco, I used the SavaJe mobile phone to take a few pictures around the city. These are relatively low-resolutions pictures as digital images go, and I expected to be disappointed with the pictures I took. To the contrary, I was pleased with the image quality. The exposures are not perfect, but considering this is total point-and-shoot, they're not bad. I've adjusted the image quality a bit, but have not manipulated the image other than adjusting the contrast and the tonal range.