Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ashland, Oregon

For the first time since we were kids, I'm able to drive to visit my sister, now that she lives on the same coast (and the same continent). Ashland is only about a 7-hour drive from Santa Cruz, and I finally made the trip this weekend. After spending most of the day in the car, I unwound with a run on the trails just south of town.

View north from the White Rabbit Trail, Oredson-Todd Woods, Ashland, Oregon.

Today we drove into the hills north of town and explored a bit.
In the hills north of Ashland, Oregon.
There is a wonderful dirt road that meanders around the Ashland watershed. I explored a bit this afternoon in the car, but next time I'll bring my mountain bike.
Ashland Loop Road south of Ashland, Oregon in the Siskiyou Mountains.