Sunday, August 26, 2018

Farming on the edge

I wrote about the marine terrace a couple of years ago, but just had some pictures from the second terrace, looking down toward the ocean and the first marine terrace. Here's that picture:

Back Ranch Road, Santa Cruz
Here's where your artichokes (and Brussels sprouts too) come from, on the first marine terrace:

Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz, California
Just a few feet behind me as I took that picture was the edge of the bluff:

Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz, California

Thursday, August 9, 2018


Santa Cruz, California

Carr fire smoke, August 4, 2018

Interstate 5 southbound near Weed Airport Road, Weed, California

Driving south from Oregon to Santa Cruz last Saturday, the smoke was dense from the Oregon border all the way to Sacramento. Normally, you can see Mount Shasta from I-5, but not a glimpse of it on this trip. That's Black Butte in the distance on the left.

There were two large fires: the Carr fire west of Redding, and the Mendocino Complex fire farther south. The Mendocino Complex fire became the largest fire in recorded California history later in the week.